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Monday round up: Lewis on gold; Frezza on trickle-down inflation; Tamny on China’s debt purchases.

From Forbes, Nathan Lewis explains the simplicity of gold-linked money.

On RCM, Bill Frezza argues supply-side critics are wrong to oppose sound money.

The NY Sun highlights the decline in confidence in the Federal Reserve even as it becomes more transparent.

On The Kudlow Report, Home Depot Bernie Marcus debates the free enterprise system:

In Forbes, John Tamny critiques a TV show’s bad economics about China and US treasuries.

From FT/Alphaville, Izabella Kaminska notes the world’s move to gold as safe collateral.

In The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol predicts Mitt Romney will win the presidency if he focuses on issues.

At The WSJ, Bill McGurn blames the tax code for a significant increase in US expatriates renouncing their citizenship.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore reports on Orrin Hatch’s (UT) Tea party primary opponent.

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