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Weekend edition: Laffer and Moore on state taxes; Forbes on Romney; Spitznagel on the Fed.

From The WSJ, Art Laffer and Stephen Moore argue states without income taxes are economically healthier.

At Forbes, Steve Forbes urges Mitt Romney to defend free markets vigorously.

In The WSJ, Mark Spitznagel explains how the Fed enriches the top 1%.

On The Kudlow Report, David Malpass analyzes the slow recovery:

At Forbes, Peter Ferrara analyzes progressive economic fallacies.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore reports a Florida Tea Party dust up.

From The Manhattan Institute, Diana Furchtgott-Roth explains that raising investment taxes will result in less investment and push capital overseas.

At NRO, Larry Kudlow highlights the slow 2.5% growth rate.

The NY Sun applauds the Shadow Open Market Committee.

At The Mises Institute, Frank Shostak doubts that Ben Bernanke saved the economy from another depression.

From The Peterson Institute, C. Fred Bergsten argues for a lower dollar, tax increases (though not on businesses or incomes), and trade barriers on China unless it raises the yuan. Around 1:06, he suggests President Nixon’s 1971 import surcharge to “rebalance” world exchange rates was a success:

The Examiner reports US Rep. Eric Cantor (VA) citing supply-side economics in support of his small business tax cut bill.

At The American, Steve Hayward doubts the instability of the oil-to-gold ratio.

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