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Monday round up: Ryan underscores growth; Forbes on the weak dollar; Ranson on zero interest rates.

From Forbes, Charles Kadlec applauds Mitt Romney’s focus on economic freedom.

In The WSJ, Jason Riley reports conservative Sen. Jim DeMint’s (SC) support for Romney.

At his website, US Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) returns to his supply-side roots with a study, “The Fiscal Effects of FasterGrowth.”

On CNBC, Steve Forbes discusses the slow growth economy, the dollar, trade and taxes:

At Forbes, David Ranson explains the negative impact of the zero interest rate policy.

From The American, Bret Swanson highlights technology’s impact on economic growth.

At Forbes, John Tamny derides the US attack on China’s rare earths export policy.

On The Kudlow Report, a panel discusses the Fed, the market, and the falling dollar:

The WSJ reports the dollarization of Zimbabwe’s inflation-ravaged economy.

The WSJ notes former flat taxer Gov. Jerry Brown’s (CA) proposal to raise his state’s top tax rate to 13%.

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