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Tuesday summary: Woodhill and Domitrovic rebut Bernanke; Wolf and Mueller on a global currency; Hutchinson on the Laffer Curve.

At RCM, Louis Woodhill critiques Ben Bernanke’s anti-gold speech, citing Barry Eichengreen’s Golden Fetters to argue for a gold-price rule rather than a full gold standard.

In Forbes, Brian Domitrovic rebuts Bernanke and disputes Eichengreen’s analysis.

The EPPC features an excellent FT article on global currency by Martin Wolf and a John Mueller response advocating the gold standard.

From Asia Times, Martin Hutchinson uses the Laffer Curve to assess optimum tax rates.

On The Kudlow Report, US Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) argues Obamacare will push employers out of offering health insurance and bankrupt the government:

In The NY Sun, Ira Stoll critiques US Rep. Paul Ryan’s (WI) budget plan.

At Calafia Beach Pundit, Scott Grannis suggests Ben Bernanke’s monetary policy is too cautious.

Bloomberg features a history of the dollar, gold and debt. (And here.)

In The NYT, Bruce Bartlett acknowledges that the British experiment with 50% top tax rates has failed.

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