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Monday summary: Benko urges Romney to embrace sound money; Bell and Cannon handicap the economic debate; Lewis on the dollar and the middle class.

From Forbes, Ralph Benko urges Mitt Romney to embrace sound money to counter the President’s back-to-Bush charge.

In The Weekly Standard, Jeff Bell and Frank Cannon suggest Romney focus on future growth rather than getting stuck debating blame.

At Forbes, Nathan Lewis argues the dollar’s devaluation since 1971 explains the decline of middle class wages.

On The Kudlow Report, Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher discusses Fed policy, but doesn’t see immediate deflation:

At Forbes, John Tamny urges conservatives not to fall into seeing themselves as victims.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore reports Orrin Hatch’s highlighting his supply-side credentials in his tough re-election campaign.

At Calafia Beach Pundit, Scott Grannis suggests the great deleveraging is near its end.

The NY Sun notes the close vote on past important Supreme Court cases, including the most important Legal Tender ruling concerning paper money in 1871.

The WSJ reports progressive attacks on the NFIB for opposing Obamacare.

The WSJ Europe counsels Spain to avoid tax increases.

Bloomberg argues that states with no income tax have no improved growth.

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