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Weekend round up: Benko on the current order’s bankruptcy; Ferrara contrasts the candidates; Brennan on inequality.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko highlights a WSJ article that positively notes the stability provided by gold-linked currency.

On Forbes, Peter Ferrara contrasts the economic policies of President Obama and Mitt Romney.

At NRO, Patrick Brennan rebuts claims that income inequality is responsible for the economic crisis.

On CNBC, Don Luskin downplays global recession fears:

At Advisor Perspectives, Mish Shedlock suggests the US is already in a recession.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore highlights Sen. Kirsten Gilibrand’s (NY) efforts to shield the food stamps program from cuts.

At TGSN, Jon Decker reviews Treasure Hunt in the Enchanted Forest, a children’s book that explains sound money, basic economics and savings.

In The WSJ, my old boss C. Boyden Gray announces a federal lawsuit to challenge Dodd-Frank’s constitutionality.

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell critiques the Eurozone’s economic illiteracy.

In The WSJ, Jason Riley notes Mitt Romney’s new immigration reform proposals.

The WSJ remembers Milton Friedman collaborator Anna Schwartz.

From Fiscal Times, Bruce Bartlett sees the coming fiscal cliff as a chance for real tax and budget reform.

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