Monday summary: The Spectator on Sweden’s success; O’Grady on Fed policy’s impact on Brazil; Kadlec on Laffer’s new book.

From The Spectator (UK), Fraser Nelson highlights Sweden’s tax cutting success.

On Forbes, Charles Kadlec reviews Art Laffer’s new book on state tax competitiveness.

In The WSJ, Mary Anastasia O’Grady explains how Ben Bernanke’s low dollar is damaging Brazilian exporters and creating political pressures for its government.

At The WSJ, O’Grady discusses the Fed’s fear of incipient inflation:

At Forbes, Ralph Benko suggests obedience to authority helps explain Washington’s aversion to the gold standard.

The WSJ reports China widening the yuan’s trading range.

From TWS, Bill Kristol rebuts the suggestion that President Reagan favored tax hikes on the rich.

At Forbes, Brian Wesbury argues spending cuts are required to save America from a VAT.

On The Kudlow Report, Larry debates the Buffett Tax vote with Jared Bernstein:

At Forbes, John Tamny critiques lotteries for funding larger government.

In The NYT, Greg Mankiw suggests competition is good for governments too.

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