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Weekend edition: The WSJ on the Buffett Rule; Heritage on Taxmageddon; Laffer on state tax competitiveness.

The WSJ argues the Buffett Rule will reduce federal tax revenue.

Heritage highlights the Taxmageddon coming in 2013.

From NRO, Larry Kudlow clarifies the Reagan record on tax hikes such as the Buffett Rule.

At The WSJ, Mary Anastasia O’Grady discusses Reagan’s tax record:

ALEC releases Art Laffer’s state index of state economic competitiveness.

From The American Spectator, Peter Ferrara and Stephen Moore oppose using equality to make tax policy.

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill laments Spain’s tax increases on top of an already weak economy.

NPR features Robert Mundell suggesting Iceland may do well to replace the krona with a large nation’s currency.

On Hardball, Stephen Moore debates tax policy:

The NYT reports an initiative to make diamonds an investment commodity like gold.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore notes the President’s opposition to the DC school voucher program for low-income kids.

At Forbes, John Tamny wonders why so many conservatives supported Rick Santorum.

On MSNBC, Steve Forbes discusses Mitt Romney’s chances versus President Obama.

On Bloomberg, Mundell explains how to accept a Nobel Prize.

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