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Monday update: Woodhill, The NY Sun, and Taylor on Pawlenty; Tamny sees the euro continuing; Goldman on zombinomics.

From RCM, Louis Woodhill explains why Tim Pawlenty is right about five percent annual growth.

The NY Sun congratulates Pawlenty for his pro-growth message but stresses a deeper emphasis on the dollar.

Conservative Keynesian John Taylor supports Pawlenty’s call for growth.

You can see how the types of pro-growth policies in the Pawlenty plan would work toward the goal by reducing spending growth enough to balance the budget without tax increases and thereby remove threats of a debt crisis; by lowering marginal tax rates to spur hiring and job growth; by scaling back unnecessary new regulations which impede private investment and higher productivity, and by restoring sound monetary policy to remove uncertainty about inflation or another financial crisis.

On Forbes, John Tamny suggests the euro will remain in place.

At Asia Times, David Goldman assesses the “zombie” economy.

On NRO, Don Luskin reports Paul Krugman’s poor record predicting the economy.

From Forbes, David Malpass discusses the debt ceiling, the dollar and the economy.

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell advocates cutting government to boost growth.

From The Daily Progress, James Philbin suggests a gold standard is key to recovery.

In The Washington Post, Larry Summers opposes reducing demand-side stimulus from the economy.

On Forbes, Richard Salsman blames demand-side economics for the current malaise.

At COAL, Paul Krugman cites Laffer to make the Keynesian case for growth economics.

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