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Tuesday update: Domitrovic on past gold standard errors; Benko on the euro and gold; Asness on bad policy.

On Forbes, Brian Domitrovic outlines ten mistakes to avoid under a gold standard.

At Forbes, Ralph Benko proposes a fusion of Robert Mundell and John Tamny to save the euro with a link to gold.

In The WSJ, Clifford Asness argues bad policy, not uncertainty, is the root of the economy’s trouble.

From the Gold Money Foundation, American Principles Project Chairman Sean Feiler discusses the group’s gold standard project:

On Forbes, Charles Kadlec chides NRO’s Kevin Williamson for his growth skepticism but applauds House Republicans and Tim Pawlenty.

At The Freedomist, William Collier, Jr. bashes Williamson for prioritizing deficits over growth.

On NRO, Williamson makes a positive contribution on inflation.

From Bloomberg, National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru proposes middle class tax reform featuring a big increase in the child tax credit while reducing deductions and lowering the floor on the top tax bracket.

On Dick Morris TV, Morris provides an interesting assessment of the GOP debate. Most disappointing, Pawlenty was seen widely to have been timid and uncertain:

At Business Insider, Joe Weisenthal doubts Bill Gross’s warnings on Treasuries.

On CNBC, John Carney cites a Federal Reserve analysis that uses the Taylor Rule to indicate that for peripheral European nations, the euro’s interest rates are too high.

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