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Monday Wrap-Up: John Tamny on fractional reserve banking; Richard Finger discusses the failures of quantitative easing

At Forbes, John Tamny talks about fractional reserve banking and the money multiplier myth. 
From Forbes, Richard Finger exposes the previous failures of quantitative easing. 
In the International Business Times, Roland Li reports on US falling mortgage rates.
From U.S. News, ‘DR’ discusses how the middle class would be effected by a tax hike on the rich. 
At Fox Business, John Tamny explains President Obama’s low poll numbers among business owners.  

On the Fremont Tribune, James Gattuso highlights the positive impacts of the new regulatory reform bill. 

In Fox Business, Gerri Willis argues against President Obama’s policies towards student loans. 

At Americans for Tax Reform, Hugh Johnson examines how raising taxes on 75% of all small businesses would hurt the economy. 

On Houma Today, Ed Feulner celebrates the life and ideas of Milton Friedman, who would have turned 100 years old tomorrow. 

In The WSJ, Charles Murray discusses the image crisis of capitalism.

From CSPAN, Newt Gingrich suggests the U.S. should embrace critical innovations in energy policy. (Starting at 25:12) 

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