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Weekend Highlights: John Tamny states the Fed’s policies are the greatest barrier to economic growth, Nick Gillespie argues Keynesians should be against raising taxes

From Real Clear Markets, John Tamny states that the Fed’s policies are the single greatest barrier to economic growth.
On Reason, Nick Gillespie argues that true Keynesians should be against raising taxes in a recession.
At the Sound Money Project, Jonathan Barnes interviews James Grant on Ben Bernanke’s opposition to the gold standard. 
In The NYT, Paul Krugman contends that the government should increase spending in infrastructure and education since investors are offering low-interest financing.
On Forbes, Peter Ferrara discusses how President Obama’s rhetoric is deceiving the public on tax policy. 

In the National Center for Policy Analysis, Bob McTeer points out that the proposed solutions for U.S. banking crises are not related to its core problems. 

From Forbes, Louis Woodhill shows how proposed tax hikes have harmed Europe’s economy.
The NY Sun congratulates Ron Paul on the passage of the Audit the Fed bill.
In Market Place, Art Laffer discusses income inequality, raising taxes. 
At TGSN, Ralph Benko discusses the work of Ben Swann,  who proved how the price of gold has dictated the price of oil with over 99.5% accuracy over the last 26 years.  

On The John Batchelor Show, Amity Shlaes argues how 4% growth is attainable in the U.S. 

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