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More On Biden’s Unconscionable Economic Scheme

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #347
1) More On Biden’s Unconscionable Economic Scheme

Please study closely the graph below. 

It shows that during periods of national crisis – wars, financial bubbles bursting, terrorist attacks, etc. – the federal government borrows, and then, like clockwork, in the periods of recovery from the crisis, the debt does not accelerate. The fiscal ethic for more than two centuries in America has been to pay down the debts of the country when times are good. 

What makes the Biden $6 trillion spending spree so diabolical and un-American is that this is the first time in history, a president has called for a multi-trillion dollar spending and debt spree at a time of recovery. 

The excuse for the Biden spending binge has been COVID, but, of course, the economy was ALREADY well on its way to recovering before Biden took office and the Trump operation warp speed vaccine program guaranteed the resurgent economy in 2021 even if Donald Duck had been elected president – which might have been preferable to what we have now. 

As far as we can see, this current spending binge has three objectives: 1) providing kickbacks of unthinkable amounts of money to “social justice groups,” the Climate Change Industrial Complex, and big labor bosses for their work in getting Biden elected (what used to be called “graft”), 2) radically redistributing income to reverse “inequality,” and 3) shifting trillions of dollars from private sector control to government/political control. These are goals that are all antithetical to the free enterprise system that created the wealth and productive resources in the first place. The progressives will soon learn that without growth, there is nothing to redistribute. 

2) Join Us TODAY To Celebrate Reagan’s Tax Cuts That Changed The World!

Today the Committee to Unleash Prosperity and the Heritage Foundation will co-host a virtual event to commemorate the 40th anniversary (August 13, 1981) of the Reagan tax cuts.

Our event will feature Reaganites Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer, Steve Forbes, Judy Shelton, Ed Meese, Anthony Dolan, and others.

I hope you can join us at 5 PM ET for this exciting panel. Help us break the Internet! Copy this link into your browser to RSVP for the event (

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