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Policy and Government

CNBC reports Virginia is America’s top state for business in 2019.


At, Nathan Lewis celebrates Judy Shelton’s nomination to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

In the Epoch Times, Mark Hendrickson endorses Judy Shelton.

Reade Pickert and Craig Torres at Bloomberg report that NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow, speaking on the president’s Waller and Shelton Fed nominations, says “We are challenging the Phillips Curve status quo. …  “You bet ya. I mean I spent my whole career on that, and the president agrees with this, of course he agrees with this, so Judy’s going to be a leader on that and so will Waller.”

George Selgin at eruditely and capably refutes Eichengreen and Ip and in his peroration observes “I reckon myself a fan of currency competition, and I wish good luck to all entrepreneurs seeking to supply alternatives to established national monies, provided they do so by honest and non-coercive means.”

Former chief economist to VP Biden Jared Bernstein endorses a 25 basis point rate cut by the Fed.

New Hampshire Public Radio provides an extensive retrospective on Bretton Woods… 75 years after its conclusion.


14 right-of-center and libertarian groups send a letter warning House and Senate leadership not to undermine Section 230 free speech protection for the Internet.