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Phil Kerpen mocks Democrats’ fake health care debate. 

Policy and Government

Visual Capitalist maps the flow of the world’s plastic.

At AIER, Art Carden says almost everything people say about big business is wrong.

The NY Times reports that billionaire Tom Steyer will enter the 2020 presidential race as Rep. Eric Swallwell becomes the first Democratic aspirant to bow out.  “Word of a possible Steyer candidacy was a surprise to the Democratic political world, which has counted on the 62-year-old’s largess to finance super PACs in recent years, and has grown used to his plotting and then discarding his own ambitions for elected office.”

CNBC reports Democracies are on track to lose global dominance?


John Tamny at RCM says that Greg Ip’s Version of the Gold Standard Isn’t the Gold Standard.

Mark Rao at The Malaysian Review asks whether reviving the long-buried gold standard is the answer to reducing the US dollar’s hegemony in the foreign-exchange market.


In the Star Beacon, Phil Kerpen mocks Democrats’ fake health care debate.

In the Washington Examiner, Grant Gross reports changing liability rules could gut the internet.

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