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Policy and Government

NAFTA 2.0 prospects dampen.

Politico: Larry Kudlow brings “kill them with kindness” approach to the White House.

Richard Rahn at the Washington Times observes how tiny the economies of North Korea and Iran really are.

Ladder reports Mental Health Foundation findings that insecure job prospects and overwhelming workloads are causing enormous stress on millennials.

At Reason, Nick Gillespie says President Trump’s immigration policies hurt businesses.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny attacks New York Times contributing opinion writer Bryce Covert’s prescription for higher wages.

The New York Times takes a close look at Vice President Pence’s rising political clout.


In the Washington Examiner, Nathan Nascimento slams the phony debt alarmism from tax cut naysayers.


Bloomberg reports that powerful insurgent party Italian political leaders are seriously considering a 15% flat rate income tax.