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Steve Forbes explains what President Trump is doing to fix our broken health care system.

Policy and Government

Larry Kudlow: President Trump’s economic victories will be on everyone’s mind.

At Investor’s Business Daily, Alan Reynolds discusses America’s prolonged economic growth slump.

From USA Today, Ken Fisher slams Marco Rubio’s economic illiteracy.

From, John Tamny tells us the path to success.

John Tamny waxes Panglossian at respecting the utter wonderfulness of the Millennials.

Supply-sider Jon Rauch interviewed at MarketWatch on his new book “The Happiness Curve” [no relation to The Laffer Curve], says: “I can certainly say as a baby boomer that I wish my generation could all get out of politics and disappear right now. We’ve already done enough damage.”

Carl Bildt at Project Syndicate points out that Karl Marx indeed was responsible for the atrocities committed in his name and that the nostalgia for Marx manifesting on his 200th birthday is dangerously misplaced.  Spoiler Alert:  “Marx’s theory of history – dialectical materialism – has since been proved wrong and dangerous in practically every respect. The great twentieth-century philosopher Karl Popper, one of Marx’s strongest critics, rightly called him a “false prophet.” And, if more evidence were needed, the countries that embraced capitalism in the twentieth century went on to become democratic, open, and prosperous societies.”


Frances Coppola at on the fight-to-the-(mutual)-death between the “Crypto-Keynesians” and the “Crypto-Austrians” of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

JP Koning makes the case for bitcoin as an ethical Ponzi Scheme.


On Fox News, Steve Forbes explains what President Trump is doing to fix our broken health care system.


Francis Mangeni at Project-Syndicate reports that Africa is moving toward a free-trade continental common market as the road to prosperity.

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