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NLRB May Overturn Amazon Union Election

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Issue #366
1) NLRB May Overturn Amazon Union Election

Earlier this year workers at an Amazon Warehouse in Alabama voted to reject a union – something we celebrated as a victory for worker freedom. 

The Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union spent a fortune and had all the national media on its side, but in the end almost 70% of the workers in Bessemer, AL voted thumbs down to paying union dues. They said they liked the benefits and pay at the facility and were suspicious of the union bosses. Good call.

But now the National Labor Relations Board, controlled by Biden, wants to overturn that election – because, of course, Democrats are in the hip pockets of organized labor.

The NLRB alleges improprieties in the election process – these are the same people who say how dare Trump challenge the national election results – and they will make a final ruling shortly. If that goes against Amazon, that would mandate a new election – a “do over.”

We can’t speak of the minor infractions that Amazon is accused of – and, of course, the union bosses would NEVER bend the rules. If this had been a close election, a case could be made that Amazon unfairly skewed the results. But this is like a team winning a football game by routing the opponent 49-7 and then the ref invalidating the victory because the players engaged in an excessive celebration.

Amazon will appeal the decision and as their spokesmen said: “The voters in the plant have spoken.” Yes, loud and clear. But the Biden administration doesn’t seem to care about the will of the workers.
2) Is Bernie The Real President?

Joe Biden swore up and down during the election that HE, not Bernie Sanders would be leading the party – these days we’re not sure that’s at all reassuring – but Bernie sure seems to be acting as if he’s in charge. He says he’s not backing down to the Joe Manchin moderates in the Senate who want a $1.5 trillion not $3.5 trillion price tag for the Biden Bankruptcy Bill. 

That’s a big gap. Bernie – almost comically – says the $3.5 trillion is “already a compromise” number. 

Did you hear that? He wants to go HIGHER than $3.5 trillion with a wholesale government monopolization of the American health care system. 

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, who lives in fear of a left-wing primary challenge next year from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is flatly rejecting a call by some Democrats to hit pause on their dash to pass the $3.5 trillion Biden Bankruptcy Bill. 

“We’re moving full-speed ahead… We want to keep going forward” Schumer told reporters on Wednesday. So much for Manchin’s sensible plea for a “strategic pause.” Manchin wrote last week in the Wall Street Journal that he has concerns about the debt and inflation the bill would fuel.

Ya think? 

Lord knows where all this is headed. The progressives seem to be in full charge and so far in Biden’s presidency, the few Manchin moderates have caved at every turn. Remember the $1.9 trillion blue state bailout they all voted for back in March?

If these were real moderates they would be calling for CUTTING a couple trillion from the budget given that the debt is toppling over $30 trillion. 

Here’s hoping the differences in the party are irreconcilable and the final price tag for this junker bill is zero.

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