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Yes, He Really Said It…

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #365
1) Yes, He Really Said It…

“I think of one word when I think of climate change: jobs. Good-paying jobs.”

Joe Biden speech in Queens, New York yesterday capitalizing on the hurricane damage to pass his climate change agenda.    

Hold on. We’re confused. Is he talking about the tens of thousands of “good paying jobs” in the oil patch where American truckers, drillers, engineers, can make $100,000+ a year?  

Is he talking about the high-paying pipeline union jobs he killed by vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline? Joe: jobs in the fossil fuel sector pay far higher salaries than jobs installing solar panels on the roofs of homes. It’s true that wind turbines create a lot of jobs – but they are in China, where seven of the 10 top turbine manufacturers in the world are located.  
2) Chart Of The Day: Where Are The Workers?

We mentioned yesterday that 50% of all small businesses report they can’t get workers back on the job.

The chart below from Bloomberg shows this is an all-time high:

This is a crisis ALL of the government’s doing. Amazing what happens when you pay people not to work and tax them for working.

Senator Cruz gets it.

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