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NY Legislators Will Finally Release Investigative Report On Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal

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Issue #350
1) NY Legislators Will Finally Release Investigative Report On Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal 

New York’s state legislators will after all issue a public report on their findings from an impeachment probe into Andrew Cuomo’s sexual misconduct and his horrific handling of COVID and the subsequent cover-up.

The Democratic-controlled legislature tried to bury its investigation of the disgraced governor who says “he always put New York first,” after he announced he was resigning.

As one of the groups that first exposed Cuomo’s catastrophic mishandling of COVID, which led to thousands of unnecessary nursing home deaths, we at CTUP believe the public has a right to know exactly what happened, and why. This is slightly more important than New York’s investigation into Donald Trump’s tax returns!

Here’s what we know for sure: the Cuomo administration deliberately undercounted the number of COVID nursing home deaths, rewrote a health department report to hide the real number, and then refused to release the real death numbers for months. And to think that it was just a little more than a year ago, Democrats thought that Cuomo should be president. Sadly, judging from the month Biden has had, he might be an improvement.

I’m Sorry, So Sorry… 
2) New York Demands Museum Visitors Show ID, But Voters Don’t Need One

And for our next addition to our “you can’t make this stuff up” file: New York City has become the first major city to require proof of COVID vaccination in such indoor venues as bars, gyms, theaters, and museums. 

Mayor Bill De Blasio has commanded that New Yorkers will be divided into two classes: the vaccinated and the unvaccinated: “If you’re unvaccinated, there are going to be fewer and fewer things that you’re able to do.”

Liberals have largely fallen into line behind De Blasio’s edict even though a vaccine mandate disproportionately impacts minorities. Recent city data showed that only 28 percent of Black New Yorkers between the ages of 18 to 44 were fully vaccinated.

As New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz, rightly points out, how is it racist to ask voters for a voter ID card, but not racist to bar people from going to the museum or library without an ID?

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