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Video Of The Day: CTUP’s Reagan Tax Cut Anniversary

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #351
1) Video Of The Day: CTUP’s Reagan Tax Cut Anniversary

Last Thursday, the Committee to Unleash Prosperity co-hosted an event with the Heritage Foundation and emceed by Larry Kudlow celebrating the 40th anniversary of Reagan’s tax cuts.

Video of the event is now available for HOTLINE readers who weren’t able to attend.  

Arthur Laffer and Steve Moore also wrote this piece in the Wall Street Journal on Reagan’s legacy:
2) Will House Dems Blow Up The $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill? We Hope So

Speaker Nancy Pelosi can’t stitch together 218 Democrats votes for Biden’s dream $3.5 trillion debt bomb. 

Pelosi told her caucus she will press ahead with the bill despite warnings from the nine members that they will oppose it unless the House first votes on the $1 trillion “infrastructure bill” already passed by the Senate.

Pelosi told her close deputies “this is no time for amateur hour.” Then she said: “For the first time America’s children have leverage — I will not surrender that leverage.” Hmm. We are a little confused by how saddling our children with $3.5 trillion of debt benefits “America’s children,” since the bill is being passed on to them – but such is the perverse logic of the left these days. 

Should all nine moderates — a group that includes Representatives Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, Jared Golden of Maine, and Henry Cuellar of Texas — vote against the blueprint for the reconciliation bill, it will fail since it has zero GOP support and Pelosi only has a three-vote margin.

Pelosi knows that the nine moderates are far outvoted by the Crazy Caucus of House progressives. She needs both, but it’s easier to whip the nine moderates into line. In addition, as Political Wire reports: “One truth about politics is that moderates always cave more easily than more ideological members.”

Our bet is the phony moderates in the House will cave, but Biden’s political meltdown isn’t making life any easier for Nancy. And this is just the first inning.

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