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The NY Times reports that the Trump administration is actively looking at using its regulatory authority to index capital gains for inflation, eliminating real taxes on fake gains.

Policy and Government

In the WSJ, Mike Solon says tax cuts have busted the ‘secular stagnation’ myth.

Director Kudlow wants to avoid EU tariffs, hopeful for negotiations.

On CNBC, Trent Gillies discusses the impact of tariffs on groceries.

Freedom Partners encourages ‘Trade, not Aid’.

Rich Miller at Bloomberg and Business Insider gives a lucid history lesson on why tariffs are really, really, bad.

At, John Tamny bashes Trump’s China bashing.


In the NY Sun, Ira Stoll says Kudlow appears prophetic in his deficit claim.


From, Norbert Michel calls for restructuring fin-tech regulations.


At, Steve Hanke covers Iran’s currency woes.