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Steve Forbes, Arthur Laffer, and Stephen Moore: Trump’s trade strategy is to abolish all tariffs.

Policy and Government

At Dallas News, the Committee to Unleash Prosperity says Trump’s trade strategy is to abolish all tariffs.

In The Hill, Arthur Laffer explains why the ‘Trump Boom’ marks a turning point in American history.

On Fox Business, Arthur Laffer credits President Trump for strong GDP growth.

On CNBC, Director Kudlow says strong GDP growth is sustainable.

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore recaps Trump’s trade win.

From Newsmax, Arthur Laffer says tariffs are prosperity-killers.

Investor’s Business Daily: Supply-siders vindicated by GDP bump.

On Fox Business, George Gilder discusses ‘Life After Google’.

At Reason, David Harsanyi delivers the Big Reveal: Socialism always leads to misery and destitution.

Peter Diamandis discusses the coming era of connectivity.


Harvard Business Review gets woke: Roger Martin explains how the US merchandise trade deficit is caused by Nixon ending the Bretton Woods international monetary system by closing the Gold window in 1971.


On Fox Business, Ways and Means Chair Kevin Brady discusses tax cut phase II.


Mystery as Russia LIQUIDATES almost ALL its holdings in US Treasuries.

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