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Our Favorite Fake News Headline of the Year From The Washington Post

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #148
1) Our Favorite Fake News Headline of the Year From The Washington Post
U.S. economy recoups two-thirds of ground lost in first half of year, but there is still far to go
The GDP rose by a record 7.4 percent in the third quarter, a sharp reversal from the second-quarter plunge of 9 percent
First, NO, not 7.4%. On a standard annualized basis the economy expanded by  33.1% – as we all know.  Way down at the bottom of the story you finally get to a mention of 33.1%, but the Post story editorialized that this blockbuster number is “not relevant.” We suspect it would be relevant if it were Obama or Biden who recorded it.
Second, most of the story was a warning about how fragile the economy is and it quotes economists who say things are slowing down this quarter, but these were the economists who never saw the 33 percent rebound coming three months ago. 
Third, the depressing photo the Post used in the story was a business with its doors shut and a “going out of business” sign. This is the OPPOSITE of what is happening. Businesses are reopening. See photo

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