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The Super V-Shaped Recovery

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #147
1) The Super V-Shaped Recovery
We’ve been saying for weeks that an October surprise was coming that would deliver spectacular news on the economy on the eve of the election. It came this morning as the GDP rose in the third quarter by a record-shattering 33.1%. How good is this number? It not only is the highest growth rate in recorded U.S. history, it DOUBLES the previous record set back in 1950. 
Adding to the good news is that ALL of this growth was private-sector growth – none of it came from government “Stimulus.” The government actually shrank slightly in the 3rd quarter. Private spending was up 40% and the best news of all was that private investment soared by 83%! 
Thank God Trump didn’t surrender to Pelosi’s hostage demand of a $3 trillion give-away stimulus plan, which is fake growth. 
Once again, Trump has proven all his economic critics wrong, wrong, wrong. The economists at the Fed, Congressional Budget Office, and virtually all of the sages on Wall Street predicted several months ago that the economy would grow between 10 and 15%. They were off by 100%. 
Right now the American economy is riding on the back of Secretariat. What a shame – no, an epic tragedy for the country – if voters chose to change horses now.

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