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Philadelphia Business Journal covers the recent Committee to Unleash Prosperity Growth Summit

12079544_1651406478477383_4975842159540284598_nFrom Philadelphia Business Journal,

By Steve Cordasco:

I recently attended a luncheon at The Union League of Philadelphia as part of The Committee To Unleash Prosperity featuring hosts Dr. Arthur Laffer, Steve ForbesLarry Kudlow and Steve Moore. Among the bipartisan audience was Pennsylvania’s Republican leader Bob Asherand George Norcross, Democratic Party leader in New Jersey.

At the conclusion of the event, I spoke with American economist and author Dr. Arthur Laffer and Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media. Predictably, I went in with burning questions related to the intersection of politics, business and finance. Specifically, I wanted to examine the disconnect between this year’s presidential candidates and America’s small business community.

. . . .

This brings me to another question: What is behind the favoritism of big companies over small businesses? According to Dr. Laffer, “It’s the system—how do you make money if you’re a big company? You lobby politicians; you don’t do it by making better products.”

“When you have a government that’s taking over all areas of business, of course you’re going to have a huge government focus for these companies,” said Laffer. “Big corporations can afford all those lawyers, accountants, lobbyists and all of that—that’s how they make their money.”

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