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Ralph Benko calls George Gilder’s new book The Scandal of Money “savagely brilliant.”

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From, Ralph Benko calls George Gilder’s new book The Scandal of Money “savagely brilliant.”

The NY Sun praises The Scandal of Money.

At the NY Times, Ross Douthat issues The Reformicon Manifesto against The SupplySidicons, including Paul Ryan, the WSJ, and, by hyperlink, Steve Forbes and Steve Moore, for being insufficiently Anti-Trump on his economic platform.

At Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says there is virtually no recovery for the heart of the workforce.


From Heritage, Nortbert Michel lists 6 changes that are needed in monetary policy.

At FT, Roger Blitz and Robin Wigglesworth believe wisdom is waning for the “don’t fight the Fed” mantra.

At CNN Money, Heather Long asks if the Fed messed up.


From MSNBC, President Obama’s Commerce Secretary “doesn’t understand” Hilary Clinton’s reversal on the TPP agreement.

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