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Philly’s Mayor Let’s Cat Out Of Bag On Unemployment Insurance

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Issue #316
1) Philly’s Mayor Let’s Cat Out Of Bag On Unemployment Insurance

Philadelphia’s Democratic and left-leaning Mayor Jim Kenney was caught on tape yesterday during a press conference inadvertently telling the truth about why employers in the city he runs can’t get workers back on the job. Philly has a problem getting life guards – even when offering $18 an hour – so they’ve had to keep the pools closed during a heat wave.

Here is the quote:

“Every industry in the country is having difficulty getting people to go to work… I suspect when the assistance runs out in September people will start getting — but that’s not gonna solve our problem this summer…”

Notice how he catches himself in mid-sentence as he realized he was departing from the Biden administration talking points. 


Our landmark study on how much a family of four can get in benefits in each of the 50 states finds that the average family of four in Pennsylvania with two parents on unemployment benefits can receive the wage and salary equivalent of $19 for an annualized maximum benefit of $76,480 (link posted below).


But for our friends in the city of brotherly love, don’t worry, Mayor Kenney assures us workers will come back after Labor Day.
2) We Really Are Two Nations Right Now

Consumer sentiment is trending higher for Democrats, while tumbling for Republicans, according to survey data released Friday by the University of Michigan.

Data: University of Michigan; Chart: Connor Rothschild/Axios

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