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Stephen Moore Argues that a Great Country does not Borrow Its Way to Prosperity

Taxes and Spending

At Newsmax, Stephen Moore argues that a great country does not borrow its way to prosperity.

At The Hill, Moore and Steve Forbes advocate a flat tax.

At the Cato Institute, William Yeatman analyzes pandemic spending waste at the federal level.

At Project Syndicate, Michael J. Boskin apprises of the negative effects of our soaring national debt.

At the Cato Institute, Randal O’Toole breaks down some infrastructure arithmetic.

Regulations and Policymaking

At Newsmax, Stephen Moore warns that Biden’s policies could derail the economic recovery.

At The Blaze, Daniel Horowtiz draw’s on Phil Kerpen’s analysis of the rates of COVID-19 herd immunity among children to criticize the CDC’s approach to virus mitigation among that demographic.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Don Boudreaux makes the case that low wages are not proof that workers have poor bargaining power.

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