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Public Opinion Turning Positive On Virus

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #230
1) Public Opinion Turning Positive On Virus

Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective, U.S. regulators said Wednesday. It’s a key milestone towards access to what would be the nation’s first single-dose vaccination. Emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration could come as soon as this week — with millions of doses ready to ship out ASAP.

The plunging COVID caseload is also contributing to increasing public optimism about the future of the pandemic as the one-year anniversary of lockdowns nears. 

Pollster David Winston reports “there has been a dramatic improvement in voter outlook on the virus situation in recent weeks.” In late December, a clear plurality of voters (45 percent) said the coronavirus was getting worse, but now the largest group says it is starting to improve (38 percent). Only 16 percent think conditions are worsening.

The public is right and by the end of April, vaccines should be available to whoever wants them. 

Thank you, Operation Warp Speed. Thank you, Donald J. Trump.

2) JNJ Vaccine Is Better than the Headlines

There are methodological differences that make the 66% efficacy number impossible to compare with the Moderna and Pfizer 90%+ numbers. The key point is we are about to have an emergency authorized, one-dose vaccine that can be transported and stored in regular refrigerators and…

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