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Republican lawmakers express concern over tariffs.

Policy and Government
Republican lawmakers express concern over tariffs.
In the Washington Examiner, Arthur Laffer discusses Gary Cohn’s exodus.

ABC News discusses President Trump’s search for a new NEC Director.
At FEE, Luis Pablo de la Horra lists 3 economic fallacies that won’t die.
In the NY Post, F.H. Buckley says tariffs won’t create jobs.
The WSJ says steel and aluminum tariffs will lead to layoffs.
At, Jeffrey Dorfman writes on steel tariffs, the math doesn’t add up.
Tariffs invite retaliation.
In the WSJ, John Cochrane says stock buybacks are a sign of tax reform’s success.
Investor’s Business Daily attacks universal basic income.
In The Hill, Raymond Keating slams potential railroad regulations.
Photo Credit: David Maiolo

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