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Saturday News: Ezra Klein says Obamacare’s problems are much deeper than the website; Kate Zernike exposes Christie’s budget strategies; Dan Freed explains how the free market has kept debtors in their homes.

Politics and Government

In The NY Times, Kate Zernike exposesChristie for embracing budget strategies he previously scorned as a candidate.

At The Street, Dan Freed explainshow the free market has kept defaulted debtors in their homes.
An Emerson College poll putsCuccinelli within two points of McAuliffe.
From Town Hall, Steve Deace predictswhat would happen if the 2016 Iowa caucuses were today.
On, Philip Harvey detailswhy Conservatives and Liberals alike have a big stake in shrinking government.

Monetary Reform
In The Asia Times, Doug Noland writesGreenspan is in dreamland.
From, Nathan Lewis asksif China should issue gold bullion coins that aren’t practical in the U.S.
On TGSN, Ralph Benko examinesKipper und Wipperzeit, part of James Narron and David Skei’s chronicling of forgotten financial crises from 1620 to 1920.

At Town Hall, Dan Mitchell writesif there’s a grand bargain, taxpayers should get a tax cut rather than a tax hike.
From, Pete Sepp & Andrew Moylan believepoliticians who support the Internet sales tax will face a ballot box awakening.

In The Washington Post, Ezra Klein saysObamacare’s problems are much deeper than the website.
From Bloomberg, Ezra Klein detailsObama’s broken technology promise.
At National Review, Mark Steyn discussesthe phalanx of lies surrounding Obamacare.
On CNBC Larry Kudlow argues Obamacare is a sign the entitlement-state is crumbling.

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