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Politics and Government

From, Steve Forbes asks is George Gilder is the new Adam Smith?

In, John Tamny responds to Mark Steyn’s ‘American Doom’ predictions, and offers a positive perspective for America’s future. 

Monetary Reform

On Fox Business, Lewis Lehrman discusses the importance of returning to the gold standard.

In, Brian Domitrovic writes Janet Yellen stands for something that has never worked.

At The WSJ, Michael Derby reports on Kansas City Fed President Esther George’s most recent dissent against future bond purchases.

From, Ralph Benko says the next big political issue will be following the shrinking money.

CS Investing channels Robert Mundell’s previous lectures to review America’s monetary history.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko wonders if wishing wells are the apotheosis of neo-keynesiasn economics.

Regulatory Reform

In The Detroit News, Henry Payne argues Romneycare foretold Obamacare’s failures.