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Policy and Government

In the Washington Times, Adam Brandon gives his 12 step freedom agenda for the new Congress.

In The Resurgent, Steve Berman slams Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs.


In the WSJ, Sean Rushton says don’t let the dollar inhibit growth.

At Alt-M, George Selgin gives part 9 of his monetary primer.


Donald Trump comes out against the border-adjustments in the GOP tax plan.

Larry Kudlow: GOP’s border adjustment tax is voodoo economics.

In the NY Sun, Ira Stoll hits the border tax.

At ATR, Grover Norquist says the Trump-GOP tax plan is coming together.

Tony Best covers the backlash over Oxfam’s tax haven list.


From, Tim Worstall explains why India’s economy is expected to soar in 2017.