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Policy and Government

Steve Forbes: Automation enriches the economy.

Arthur Laffer authors a new economics book for children.

At, Ralph Benko encourages silicon valley to embrace classical liberalism.

In the Washington Free Beacon, Ali Meyer recaps the World Bank’s analysis showing Trump’s tax cuts would boost growth, but the tariffs will hurt.


Steve Forbes: Border-adjustability provisions in GOP tax plan are a ‘Yuge’ mistake.

Steve Forbes: Border-adjustability is cronyism on steroids.

At, John Tamny explains why the border-adjustability provisions are bad economics.

Arthur Laffer: Trump’s tax cuts will boost the economy.

Steve Forbes: Trump should enact big tax cuts right away.

Stephen Moore: We need tax reform, not tariffs.


Steve Forbes: Regulatory reform is key to US success.


Stephen Moore on Brexit: The UK did the right thing!