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Policy and Government

In the Washington Examiner, Secretary Elaine Chao reminds us that Chinese workers helped build America.

At AIER, George Gilder discusses America’s Huawei test.

Honoring several of the provisions of the wildly successful Communist Manifesto, David Leonhardt at The New York Times, endorses a wealth tax and higher tax rates on “the rich” as something that will be good for the economy, practical, equitable and an all-around good thing.

On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek explains why trade deficits are meaningless.


At CATO, Lawrence White says Judy Shelton’s views on gold should not be disqualifying.


At CNBC, Jacob Prumak reports Joe Biden wants to raise taxes to fight climate change.


In The Hill, Ian Jefferies explains why rail crew mandates are unnecessary.

At American Commitment, Phil Kerpen says the electric vehicle tax credit should die on schedule.

In the NY Times, Kara Swisher says those who fear Big Tech don’t understand how it works.

From AIER, Max Gulker says the problem with anti-trust enforcement on Big Tech is ‘where’s the harm?’