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Policy and Government

CNBC reports Arthur Laffer believes tariffs are not a good solution to anything.

In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn says President Trump is playing with fire on trade.

At FEE, Doug McCullough says Trump is punishing Mexico by raising taxes on Americans.


At FT, James Politi reports Fed candidate Shelton slammed the central bank’s ‘Soviet’ power over markets.

At, Brian Domitrovic astutely exonerates China from accusations of monetary manipulation.

In The Public Discourse, Brian Domitrovic discusses Montesquieu and the monetary system.

From Real Clear Markets, Adam Brandon & John Tamny discuss Chaplain Barry C. Black’s inflation lesson for economists.

Adam Garrie at headlines with Malaysian PM “Mahathir Mohamad Makes Incredibly Important Speech Endorsing Gold Standard.”

Anthony Dass of Malaysia’s The Star, observes:

 “There is something intuitively appealing about the idea of a gold-backed currency – money backed by the tangible value of gold, i.e. “the gold standard”. Instead of intrinsically worthless paper money (fiat currency), gold-backed money would have real, enduring value – it would be “hard currency”, i.e. sound money, because it would be convertible to gold itself.”

At Malaysia Today, Sean Augustin reports Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is eyeing a return to the gold standard.

At Moneyness, JP Koning discusses stablecoins.


At Townhall, Timothy Meads channels George Gilder to reveal why the anti-trust case against Big Tech is unnecessary.

On CNBC, Ari Levy warns that Trump’s Justice Department is taking aim at some of America’s most successful businesses.