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So Let’s Get This Straight…

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #359
1) So Let’s Get This Straight…

Congress wants to give $4.5 trillion to the same incompetent buffoons who made every catastrophically wrong decision in the evacuation of Afghanistan? REALLY!

2) Send The Kids Back To Failing Schools Week

It’s the first day of school in many states. What do we do to fix them?

We rarely agree even a little bit with the New York Times, but the recent editorial “The School Kids Are Not Alright,” has some bullseye observations about the worm in the apple of our schools. 

Here are some of the nuggets of wisdom from the piece:

“During the Covid pandemic virtually every [public] school in the nation replaced face-to-face schooling with thrown together online education. The resulting learning setbacks range from grave for all groups of students to catastrophic for poor children.”

“The pandemic amplified disadvantages rooted in racial and socioeconomic inequality transforming an education gap into a gulf.”

“A report from McKinsey sounds the alarm: ‘The fallout from the pandemic threatens to depress this generation’s prospects and constrict opportunities well into their adulthood. The ripple effects may undermine their chances of finding a fulfilling job that enables them to support a family.’”

“These findings constitute a scalding rebuke of those who have minimized the impact of school shutdowns.”

“Schools in districts with higher percentages of Black and Latino children were more likely to have remote learning and the same for districts with more people living in poverty.”

“More than a million children who had been expected to enroll in local schools did not show up, either in person or online.”

“The learning catastrophe that has befallen the country’s most vulnerable children will take more than one academic year to remedy. Pretending that everything is fine, and that no extraordinary measures are needed, is a recipe for disaster.”

Truer words were never spoken, but no one has been more supportive of the policies that led to this educational calamity of lockdowns than the Times. As long-time readers of the HOTLINE know, no group was shouting from the rooftops of the abuse to children from shutting down the schools louder than we were. Now even the Times admits they were a failure.

While the Times rightly scolds the groups that caused this crisis of fear and kept the schools locked down for at least a year longer than was necessary, they conveniently forget to mention even ONCE public enemy number 1: TEACHER UNIONS.

Finally, the precise “extraordinary measure” needed to fix the schools for minorities and disadvantaged children, is never mentioned: educational choice.

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