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There Goes Grandma Over The Cliff

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #360
1.) There Goes Grandma Over The Cliff

The left has made a living in recent times with political attack ads accusing Republicans of secret plans to destroy Medicare and Social Security and toss grandma in her wheelchair off of a cliff.

Well, Republicans may want to reprise that ad — and toss it back at Biden Democrats. The chart below shows that Medicare goes into the red in 2026 and the deficits get larger and larger until the system is insolvent and flat out of money to pay the bills.

Instead of fixing the Medicare finances, the Biden plan expands benefits (to dental, vision, and hearing) and lowers the age for benefits to 60. That will bring forward the trust fund’s insolvency by two years: from 2026 to 2024. 

An analysis by health experts at the Hoover Institute finds that the Biden plan would “increase the ten-year deficit by $394 billion with about 14 million Americans enrolling in at least Medicare Part A (which provides coverage for hospitalizations). The impact on Medicare spending would be even larger — it would rise by almost $1 trillion over the next ten years.”

The Democrats say they want to impose drug price controls to pay for some of these costs, but that will have two negative effects on seniors. First, price controls are linked to less innovation and slow the race for the cures for diseases that afflict seniors – from Alzheimers to Parkinsons. Second, price controls may limit access to life-saving and pain-alleviating drugs, as we see in other countries.

Now who’s pushing our grandparents over the cliff?
2) Sign of the Apocalypse: Comedy Channel Central The Office

Our woke corporate villain of the week is Comedy Central for canceling what some of your editors think is the single funniest episode of a sitcom in modern times: We are speaking of the Office’s “Diversity Day” and if you haven’t seen it, rush to get a bootlegged copy before it is banned by the FCC. 

The episode is hilarious in its politically incorrect jabs at every ethnicity and every nationality – Jews, blacks, Asians, Jamaicans, Indians, etc. – but the real buffoon is actually the white guy — Michael Scott (actor Steve Carrell.) 

As Newsweek put it: “Ironically, the episode satirizes contemporary corporate ‘diversity and inclusion’ policies.” In other words, the episode makes fun of woke culture in corporate America – the very kind of people who would cancel this show. Amazingly, modern liberals are either too stupid or self-righteous to get that the joke is on them and their narrow-minded intolerance.  

There is something highly troubling and illiberal about a society that bans comedy – even when it might be in poor taste. Today’s pious progressives are the modern day book burners. They used to make fun of the straight-arrowed bible thumpers and now the prudes and the censors are all on the left.

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