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***Special Edition- America’s Encryption Laureate Bruce Schneier on Our Taking Back The Internet

On USA Today, Bruce Schneier writes on NSA intimidation expanding surveillance state.

At The Atlantic, Bruce Schneier says what we don’t know about spying on citizens is scarier than what we know.

On CNN, Bruce Schneier discusses how NSA secrets kill our trust.

Schneier details how NSA is commandeering the internet.

On Business Insider, Michael Kelly reports on one big telecom CEO who has been in jail for 4 years for refusing to cave to the NSA.

From CNET News, Declan McCullagh writes Feds are putting the heat on web firms.

From, Ralph Benko details how Aaron Swartz, Ron Wyden, and Darrell Issa saved the internet part II.

In USA Today, Rem Rieder explains how NSA snooping causes collateral damage.

Wiki Leaks releases a statement by Edward Snowden on the morality of his actions. presents a rebuttal to Schneier. 

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