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Thursday Highlights: At The NY Sun, Larry Kudlow writes The Fed is heading for trouble absent a rules-based monetary policy; At The Heritage Foundation, Nortbet Michel states monetary policy matters, praises Centennial Monetary Commission.

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Monetary Reform

At The NY Sun, Larry Kudlow writes The Fed is heading for trouble absent a rules-based monetary regime.

From The Heritage Foundation, Norbert Michel states The Fed’s monetary policy matters too, praises Congressman Brady’s Centennial Monetary Commission:

In fact, maybe it’s time for Congress to formally review the Fed’s monetary policy. A great place to start would be Congressman Kevin Brady’s (R–TX) Centennial Monetary Commission Act of 2013 (H.R. 1176). This bipartisan bill has 25 cosponsors and would simply “establish a commission to examine the United States monetary policy, evaluate alternative monetary regimes, and recommend a course for monetary policy going forward.” Maybe Bernanke would like to sit on the commission?

In Forbes India, David Malpass explains how The Fed could stop the American income crisis.

At City Am, Lars Christensen calls for replacing Fed monetary superheroes with rules-based policy.

From, Capitol Flows says even by Keynesian standards, Bernanke has been a dreadful failure.

In TGSN, Ralph Benko writes good monetary reform changes ruin to riches.

On Fox Business, John Tamny discusses how Fed policy is leading to another bubble.

At Fox Business, John Tamny describes how The Fed impacts the economy


At Moneyshow, Steve Forbes gives the real scoop on ‘Obamatible Care’.

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