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Special Platinum Collectors Edition: Skirmishing intensifies over the proposed “Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin” End-run on the Debt Limit

Supporters (“Platypuses”)

At The NYT, Paul Krugman writes “be ready to mint the coin”.

In The Washington Post, Ezra Klein reports a former head of the US mint supports the platinum option.

On Bloomberg, Josh Barro argues platinum coin opponents are all wrong.

From Slate, Mathew Yglesias says ‘mint the coin’!

At Gawker, Max Read gives us a guide through ‘the trillion-dollar platinum coin that can save the world’.

Correntewire calls the platinum coin a game changer for progressives. Correntewire also details the history behind the platinum option.

HuffPo reports on Krugman weighing in in favor of plan for Treasury to mint to $1 trillion coins to end run the debt limit

Opponents (“Eagles”, the natural predators of platypuses)

American Commitment offers a petition to stop the trillion dollar coin. Also, the NRCC asks citizens to sign a petition telling Obama ‘spending is the problem’.

In US News, Peter Roff weighs in on the “magic trillion dollar coin trick”.

Ralph Benko attacked the 2$1T Platinum Coin Plan on January 1 at the Lehrman Institute’s TGSN

At Global Economy Analysis, Mike Shedlock questions ‘why no quadrillion dollar coin?’ At Townhall, readers follow up with Shedlock’s piece.

At Forbes, Donal Marron details the circumstances surrounding the platinum coin.

Megan McCardle goes postal in the Beast on the platinum coin scam

In The American, Alex Pollock roasts the platinum option.

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