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TSS Goes Double Platinum- White House refuses to rule out the coin!


More Platypuses, the Coin Supporters

In Politico, Jennifer Epstein reportsJay Carney refused, multiple times, to rule out minting the trillion dollar platinum coin

In The Economist, G.I. defends“platinomics”

At The American Prospect, Scott Lemieux explainsthe clear legality of the platinum coin

On The Washington Post, Stephen Stromberg saysdon’t mint just one!

From The Washington Post, Neil Irwin concedesthat the idea is “idiotic”, however, he dislikes the alternatives more.

At Daily Kos, Jed Lewison statesthe platinum coin may be legally required. 

In Examiner, Joshua Hinsdale praises the platinum coin for its ability to prevent a fight over the debt ceiling.  

From Huffington Post, Mark Gongloff details the trillion dollar solution. 

Eagles, the Coin Opponents, Respond

From Mother Jones, Kevin Drum describesthe trillion dollar coin as “horrible, lawless policy”.

In MRC, Julia Seymour criticizesplatinum coin supporters for demanding the invention of a trillion dollar denomination to stave off spending cuts.

From The Washington Post, Aaron Blake labelsthe platinum coin a “nuclear option” and anticipates unpredictable political fallouts if minted. 

Detlev Schlichter discusses the true significance of the trillion dollar coin. 

At The WSJ, Jacob Gershman callsthe platinum coin an unconstitutional solution to the debt ceiling crisis.

In Real Clear Politics, Tom Bevan arguesthat on spending, Obama and Co. don’t get it.

CBS News reportsRepresentative Greg Walden (R-Ore) will introduce legislation making it illegal to mint the platinum coin. 

From IPI, Tom Giovanetti explains the problem with the magic coin. 

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