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Stephen Moore and Ralph Benko join cryptocurrency startup Decentral Technologies.

Policy and Government

At the Institute for Global Economic Growth, Richard Rahn celebrates Arthur Laffer’s legacy.

Fox News reports that the FBI’s release of hundreds of pages of its surveillance files on community organizer Saul Alinsky concluded that its investigations provided “no information that he is communistically inclined” and that there were no grounds to believe that “Alinsky is a member of any un-American organization nor did it disclose that he had ever made any remarks or exhibited any acts against the United States government, or in favor of any foreign government.”

On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek says trade deficits are beautiful.

On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek explains how creating wealth creates a better world.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny writes as inequality surged, life became easier.

At The Fulcrum, Joan Blades calls for more conversations that create local and national connections.

At AIER, Donald Boudreaux slams protectionism.


Fox Business reports that Stephen Moore and Ralph Benko have joined cryptocurrency startup (and Facebook Libra rival) Decentral Technologies.

From Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says Donald Trump is talking the dollar – and the U.S. economy – into decline.

The NYT says Trump and Elizabeth Warren both want to devalue the dollar.


In The Hill, Kristin Tate says as the wealthy flee New York, the poor will be hurt the most.


Peter Roff, and I&I, warn that the US may lose out to China in the cryptocurrency tech race if we don’t get our regulatory act together.

In the American Spectator, Veronique de Rugy says central planning is poisonous to innovation.

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