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Steve Forbes and Mark Mills discuss how robots will make us more productive.

Policy and Government

On What’s Ahead, Steve Forbes and Mark Mills discuss how robots will make us more productive.

Dan Mitchell presents his tribute to Arthur Laffer.

The NY Sun covers Arthur Laffer’s Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony.

At the Richmond Register, Jim Waters celebrates Arthur Laffer’s legacy.

In The Telegraph, Ryan Bourne says Laffer is right – tax cuts can grow the economy.

In Project Syndicate, GAM Holding chief economist Larry Hatheway observes that “For the past ten years, the US economy has experienced surprisingly low inflation, rapidly rising corporate profits, and unemployment levels not seen in generations. But not all is well. Productivity growth remains stubbornly weak, income inequality has reached nearly unprecedented levels, and increases in wages have only recently started to pick up.”

Matt Taibbi drills down into how Donald Trump pwned the mass media to garner $5B worth of publicity in 2016 and is doing it again.

From, Steve Hanke says President Trump is clueless on trade.

On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek says ‘no thanks’ to tariffs.

American Consequence discusses the creative destruction in vibrant economies.

In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn explains why communism doesn’t work.

At Discover Magazine, Sarah White recommends planting milkweed in cities to save the monarch butterflies.


At Yahoo, Stephen Moore welcomes Facebook’s “Libra” cryptocurrency.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says don’t underestimate ‘Libra.’

Robert Romano, vice president for public policy at Americans for Limited Government, writing at The Daily Torch, cheers on President Trump with an erudite analysis of “how currency has factored into countries attempting to achieve a competitive edge with their currencies.”

At AIER, Donald J. Boudreaux says currency devaluation is no ticket to prosperity.

CNN reports gold up 10% for the year to a 6-year high, closing just under $1400 in anticipation of Fed dovishness.

Dr. Norbert Michel, at, says that the Fed is doing its best to achieve the impossible, setting interest rates.


At the Daily Signal, Stephen Moore says Trump’s tax cuts are helping the middle class.

Fox News reports Joe Biden is determined to repeal Trump’s tax cuts.


At, Bret Swanson says 5G will improve our understanding of the world.

On Real Clear Markets, Ed Black says don’t break up Big Tech.

Photo Credit: Robot Atlas

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