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Stephen Moore Argues that Biden Wants to Kill 80% of America’s Energy

Policy and Government

At the Daily Journal, Stephen Moore argues that Biden wants to kill 80% of America’s energy.

At The Fox News Rundown Podcast (via KGNB 1420 AM), Art Laffer discusses the state of the American economy and the national debt and gives his recommendations for stimulating growth.

At Fox Business, Larry Kudlow skewers Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax proposal.

At The Daily Signal, Norbert Michel makes the case that Warren’s attack on private equity is just as bad for Main Street as it is for Wall Street.

At Fox News (via Yahoo! News), Kudlow makes the case that Biden’s agenda is proving to be counterproductive.

At the Independent Institute, Randall G. Holcombe argues that a higher minimum wage makes it illegal for low-productivity individuals to work.

At The Daily Signal, Chuck Ross details the Cuomo administration’s drastic undercounting of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.

Monetary Policy

At Forbes, Steve Forbes argues that Bitcoin is not money – at least not yet.

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