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Trump’s Stellar Economic Record During the Pandemic

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #215
2/5/2021, 2/6/2021, 2/7/2021
1) Trump’s Stellar Economic Record During the Pandemic

We have noted many times on these pages, nearly all of Trump’s antagonists were expecting Great Depression-type economic numbers for 2020 in the wake of the pandemic. Many of the experts thought the economy would contract by 6 to 10% – in reality, it fell 3.5% – and that the unemployment rate as expected to be at or above 10% for the year – it finished at 6.4. The anti-Trumpers were wrong, wrong, wrong.   

Even more remarkable, the U.S. economic recovery under Trump in 2020 far outpaced the recovery in Europe on virtually every economic barometer – unemployment, GDP growth, stock market performance, and others.

The figure below provides the comparisons between the U.S. and the EU. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Europe’s extensive Covid-19 restrictions” that Trump smartly repelled (except in Blue States) and the EU’s “painfully slow vaccine rollout” explain the diverging path of these two economies.

 Trump Vs. The European Union on Pandemic Economy

All of this is more evidence of the absurdity of the New York Times analysis rating Trump as having the worst economic record of any modern president.

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