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Stephen Moore calls Obamanomics a $12 trillion failure

4078291380_cab66f70d6_qPolitics and Government

At Patriot Post, Stephen Moore calls Obamanomics a $12 trillion failure.

From the NY Sun, Ira Stoll writes the ghost of Jack Kemp has reemerged just in time for the GOP.

In the Washington Times, John Coyne Jr. praises Jack Kemp: The Bleeding-Heart Conservative who Changed America.

At the Washington Times, Richard Rahn on why “If you care about women, minorities (particularly blacks), and even white men, you should vote for the candidate (other things being equal) who is likely to be able to implement the highest growth policies”.

At The Atlantic, reviewing the new Kondracke/Barnes Kemp biography, David Frum once again demonstrates his stubbornly weak grasp of supply side economics.


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore says the Fed, the White House, and Congress are setting up the next financial bubble.

From CNBC, ex-Fed President Fisher says FOMC members have egg on their face.


In USA Today, Glen Reynolds writes if you tax too much, they will go.


At, Grace-Marie Turner reports 400,000 citizens will lose health insurance due to Obamacare failures.

Photo Credit: US Department of the Interior

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