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Stephen Moore: Democrats Debate Who Can Spend More

DemocraticLogoBy Stephen Moore:

I watched the Hillary and the four challengers debate last night – most of it ‎- and where was the monetion of economic growth? Where was the discussion of the national debt? Dems now believe they can fund every freebie by taxing millionaires and billionaires. There aren’t enough of them to fund the government for even three months, even with 100 percent tax rates.

The Dems are now the party of free loading. Here is what they offered last night:

1. Free college for everyone.

2. Universal pre-kindergarten.

3. $15 minimum wage.

4. Paid family medical leave.

5. Guaranteed health care for everyone.

6. Higher Social Security benefits.

7. Health care for illegal immigrants.

8.  In-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

9. Green energy subsidies.

10. Higher tax rates on the rich and Wall Street‎.

Oh and they also want to ‎legalize pot – which makes sense because you’d have to be high on drugs to think this agenda makes sense.

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