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Stephen Moore Responds to Manchin’s Concerns about $3.5 Trillion Budget

Today, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) issued the following statement on the $3.5 Trillion Budget ( Stephen Moore’s response to Manchin’s statement is below.

“Senator Joe Manchin says he has serious concerns about the grave consequences facing every American family if Congress decides to spend another $3.5 trillion. I couldn’t agree with Senator Manchin more.

“This insane level of government spending needs to stop. It’s not helping American families, it’s hurting them. We just learned that inflation, driven by all this spending, has wiped out all wage gains made since December of 2019.

“As Manchin rightly states, we’ve already spent over $5 trillion in the name of Covid relief, and the Government Accountability Office recently confirmed that more than $1 trillion in that money has gone unspent. So why are we spending more?

“His fellow Democrats, as well as Republicans, should listen to Senator Manchin and stop the unnecessary spending before it completely destroys our economy.”

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